The Typewriter Sketchbook




The Typewriter Sketchbook

A beautifully illustrated book in full color with biographies and articles and 370 photos.

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Author: Paul Robert with contributions by Flavio Mantelli, Richard Milton and Peter Weil


Price: 41,95 euros.

124 pages, richly illustrated with 370 photos, drawings, advertisements and illustrations.


A splendid Anachronism - Frank Lambert and the Lambert typewriter

The Lambert Variations

Olivers in Use

A Pre-Production Crary

The Eccentric Pettypet

The Cantelo Typewriter

The Gnome

Selling Underwoods

Hidalgo Moya and the Imperial Typewriter (By Richard Milton)

The Enigmatic Imperial A

The Faktotum and Rofa

Poster Stamps

The Perfect Typewriter

The aSun Linear Indexer

Odell to New American

La Maquina Hogar

The Globe Typewriter (By Paul Robert and Robert Wilkinson)

The SterlingIndex

Remingtons at Work

Secretary of New York

James B. Hammond - A biography, history and overview of Hammond  


The Gatling Gun of Modern Commerce - Visiting the Postal Factory

Robert Ingesoll - a biography

The Ingersoll Typewriters

Making Crandalls

The Durand

The Visible Index

The Blickensderfer Cipher

Looking for Mr. Jackson

A Remington Prototype

Blickensderfers at Work

The Blickensderfer 4

The Mignon Indexer

The Yu Ess

The Plurotyp