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Yost 10

First year of production:
Yost Writing Machine Company , Bridgeport , USA
Serial nr:

Twenty years after the introduction of the Yost 1 with its perfect alignment, ink pads and spectacular grasshopper movement, the Yost company joined the tide and introduced its first visible writer, the Yost 15. But, it didn't let go of one of its main features: direct inking with an ink pad and the grasshopper mechanism.

Although the Yost 15 and 20 look like very conventional frontstrike machines, they are not. The type is not resting backwards to strike up against a ribbon, but it is laying face down on an ink pad, located right under the platen.
When a key is depressed, the type moves up, back and then to the front again to place its imprint on the paper. These later Yost models are not very common today.

Courtesy of: Robert collection