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Yost 10

First year of production:
Yost Writing Machine Company , Bridgeport , USA
Serial nr:

The Yost 10 was the last of the full-keyboard, upstrike Yost typewriters. Overall, the machine was a bit bulkier than its predecessors, with the sides of the frame rising up to the edge of the keyboard.

The general appearance of the Yost 10 was much more refined than the earlier machines. If you compare the picture of the carriage of this machine with the earlier models, the technical sophistication of this machine is evident at once.

One odd design change was the introduction of celluloid covered keytops on the Yost 10. Celluloid is an extremely brittle material and although strong enough to use as key covers when held flat, the keytops on the Yost 10 were covered with celluloid all around. As a result very few Yost 10s are left today with an intact keyboard.

The Yost 10 stayed in production until 1908, when Yost introduced a frontstrike visible machine, numbered Yost 15, followed by the last of the Yosts: the Yost 20.

Courtesy of: Robert collection