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Yost 1

First year of production:
Yost Writing Machine Company , Bridgeport , USA
Serial nr:

The Yost was the third of the great upstrike typewriters to appear after the Sholes/Glidden/Remington and the Caligraph. And this time it bore the name of George W.N. Yost, who had been involved with each of these machines. The Yost introduced the grasshopper movement for type bars and produced extremely well-aligned work, due to the square alignment hole that guided the type (pict.5).

The grasshopper movement of the type brought it straight up through the alignment guide. 
The Yost, like the Caligraph, was a full keyboard machine, but that is where the comparison stops. The type in the Yost did not hang down in the type basket, but rested in a circle against an ink pad (pict.4). On pushing the key it moved inward and up, as illustrated in the animation.

The Yost 1, that is presented here, had a faceted platen. In the early days of typewriter production, producers often used real printer's type to build machines. Printers type was produced to print on a flat surface, so platens had to be made with a flat surface for each line, to obtain good printing quality. Soon however, special type for typewriters was produced that was slightly hollowed, so that round platens could be used.

The Yost 10 in use - 1904 (photo: P&C Weil collection) 
Two years after the introduction of the Yost, the New Yost 1 appeared, followed soon by the New Yost. Differences in design had mostly to do with the escapement mechanism. The escapement was improved several times on the New Yost. The easiest way to tell a real Yost 1 apart from the New Yost is by the two medallions on the rear corners of the base (pict.6). These disappeared on the New Yost, when stronger supports for the rear of the machine were introduced.

The consecutive upstrike Yost models stayed in production until 1908, when Yost introduced a frontstrike visible machine, numbered Yost 15, followed by the last of the Yosts: the Yost 20.

Courtesy of: Robert collection