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Williams 1 Curved

First year of production:
Brady Manufacturing Co. , Brooklyn, N.Y. , USA
Serial nr:

The Williams typewriter is known mostly for its grasshopper mechanism. The type bars are in a circle on both sides of the platen, pointing inwards and resting on ink pads. When a key is depressed, the type comes up, jumps forward and strikes down onto the platen, much like an insect (pic 6).

The Williams grasshopper action. 
The Williams was a design by John Newton Williams, who spent at least 15 years to complete this design, before it was put on the market by the Brady Manufacturing Company of Brooklyn in 1891 (Brady also produced the Fitch). The early Williams 1, presented here, had a slightly curved keyboard with three rows of keys.

The Williams 1 was nicely decorated on all sides. 

The paper was fed into the Williams from a paper basket in front of the platen. It went over the platen and down into a second paper basket behind it. The result was a machine with visible writing, at least for the sentence one was working on.

Between 1891 and 1895 (when the Williams 2 appeared) several variations of the Williams 1 were put on the market. The most important difference between the early and later Williams 1 is that on the latter the keyboard was straigtened out. (See Williams 1 straight)

Courtesy of: Casillo collection