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Travis Typewriter

First year of production:
Philadelphia Typewriter Company , Philadelphia , USA
Serial nr:

Information is scarce about the Travis Typewriter. Different sources date this machine in 1905. However, documentation exists that shows that the Travis was invented by Byron Brooks who had, in 1885, developed the Brooks typewriter, a backstroke machine with a double shift.

Brooks sold the patents for his new machine to William Travis of the Philadelphia Typewriter Company. The PTC built the machine and put it on the market locally. The company apparently ceased to exist by 1900. Very few Travis Typewriters were produced. The machine is extremely rare today.

The Travis featured a four-row keyboard and a horizontally placed typewheel. The paper was struck by a hammer from behind and pressed against the typewheel, much like the Chicago and Hammond. The paper had to be rolled into a cylinder under the hammer.

Courtesy of: Casillo collection