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First year of production:
Simplex Typewriter Company , New York , USA
Serial nr:

The Simplex typewriter gained fame primarily as a toy that appeared in literally dozens different shapes between the 1890s and 1920s. But when it first landed on the market, this simple little machine was definitely intended to be a real typewriter and not a toy.

The Simplex, invented by A.M. English of New York consisted of a round index with the rubber type mounted underneath. Printing was done by basically stamping the right character onto the paper.

The Simplex 1, as seen here, was a machine that wrote capitals only. In 1895 an improved version appeared that wrote upper and lower case letters.
Typical for these two models was the clamp that was attached to the wooden board, to hold the paper.

As time went by, the toy version of the Simplex appeared in enough different versions to use most of the letters of the alphabet to distinguish them by. These later machines are primarily of interest to collectors of toys.

Courtesy of: Costa collection