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First year of production:
Feinmaschinenwerk E. Stauder , Meilen (Zürich) , Switzerland
Serial nr:

The Saturn is one of those ill-fated designs that went down into history as one of the most impractical machines ever built. It was a very well built monstrosity. No wonder that the Saturn was built for a very short time only and as a result is extremely rare today.

The Saturn has only nine U-shaped type bars. Four hang on each side under the carriage and the ninth swings up from behind, exactly in the middle. Writing was blind. Each type bar holds no less than eight characters. Each type bar is activated by one of the keys in front of the index card and the character is selected by moving a wire across the index card with the large selector button on the left.

With some practice, a typist might still obtain an acceptable speed on this odd machine, were it not that the lay-out of the characters complicated matters considerably. The small characters were divided over the type in a different way than the capitals were, so that the operator would have to get the feel of two character sets to work on one machine.

Courtesy of: Breker collection