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Oliver 1

First year of production:
Oliver Typewriter Company , Woodstock, Ill. , USA
Serial nr:

The Oliver typewriter was invented by Canadian Rev. Thomas Oliver who lived in the USA in the early 1890s when he was tinkering away on what would eventually be one of the most successful typewriter brands in history. The Oliver was patented between 1891 and 1894, but didn't appear on the market until 1896.

The Oliver was a remarkable machine, with its inverted-U-shaped typebars placed like wings on the top sides of the machine. It constituted a major step in the direction of visible writing. A total of about 5,000 Oliver 1s were built, making it an extremely rare machine today.

Two patent models for the Oliver typewriter. (Clark collection) 
One striking difference between the Oliver 1 and later models is that on the Oliver 1 the base of the machine was completely flat.

The Oliver 1 was completely nickel plated. All later models, with the exception of some export models, were painted olive green.

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Courtesy of: Breker collection