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First year of production:
Blickensderfer Typewriter Company , Stamford, Ct , USA
Serial nr:

The famous Blickensderfer typewriter was cheap compared to regular keyboard typewriters in its day, but still the Blickensderfer company decided to produce a stripped-down version of the machine to service the lowest end of the market. They called it the Niagara and sold it starting in 1902 for 15 dollars.

The Niagara consisted of the carriage, escapement and typewheel of the Blickensderfer typewriter. But in stead of keys, there was a circular index that could be turned to select a character. The Niagara is quite rare, although it also appeared as the Stella and was even sold by Sears & Roebuck as the Best typewriter.

Similar to the regular Blickensderfer, the typewheel could be replaced. In combination with a new index card, the machine was also available for other languages. Ernst Martin reports that a Hebrew version of the Niagara was produced in 1909, with right to left writing.

Note in the pictures the portrait of the family that originally owned this machine.

Courtesy of: Mantelli collection