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Munson 1

First year of production:
Munson Typewriter Company. , Chicago , USA
Serial nr:

Samuel John Seifried of Chicago and James Eugen Munson of New York were the designers of this charming, typewriter, that would live on as the Chicago. The machine had a horizontal typesleeve that was hit from behind by a hammer. The mechanism was identical to that of the later Chicago.

Advertising postcard for the Munson (photo: P&C Weil collection) 
In fact, the Munson 2 was virtually identical to the Chicago already, although it was the same as the Munson 1, but fitted with a cover over the mechanism and the cast iron frame that went all around the keyboard. In 1898 the manufacturing rights of the Munson were sold to the Chicago Writing Machine Company, and the name of the machine was changed to Chicago.

Courtesy of: Costa collection