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Granville Automatic

First year of production:
Granville Manufacturing Company , Dayton, Ohio , USA
Serial nr:

The word 'Automatic' on the Granville can be deceiving, particularly because this bulky 1896 machine looks a bit like the early IBM electromatic typewriters. However, there was nothing electric about it. The 'automatic' aspect of the Granville was limited to the fact that all basic functions, including line spacing and carriage return, were keyboard operated.

Two large keys, top left and right of the keyboard, allowed the operator to return the carriage to the beginning of the line. A separate key was used for the line spacer.

The Granville was the second thrust action typewriter designed by Bernard Granville. The earlier one was the Rapid. The Rapid, nor the Granville was much of a commercial success, making both machines very rare these days.

The Granville apparently was available in two versions: a nickel-plated version and an all-black model (pic 6 - courtesy Mantelli Collection)

Courtesy of: Kerschbaumer collection