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Franklin 7

First year of production:
Franklin Typewriter Co. , Boston , USA
Serial nr:

The Franklin typewriter is one of the most striking looking machines in history. Particularly the round keyboard gives the machine a unique and unmistakable profile. The downstrike machine was invented by Wellington Parker Kidder, who invented the thrust action typewriter only several years later.

What was new about the Franklin was that it was the first machine to use a gear action to bring the type down on striking a key. This system was still in use on some brands more than half a century later.

The Franklin 7 was identical to the Franklin 8. The only difference being that the Franklin 7 was built for the US market and the Franklin 8 for the foreign market. It had two extra keys for special characters.

An interesting aspect of the Franklin is the positioning of the ribbon spools, slightly right of center above the platen (pic 6).

Courtesy of: Costa collection