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First year of production:
A.B. Dick Company , Chicago , USA
Serial nr:

The name is fascinating, but this machine was not invented by the great Thomas Edison. If it had been, the machine would not have been remembered as a highlight of his carreer. But it does look spectacular enough.

It was A.B. Dick, the inventor of one of the first mimeograph systems, who decided to develop a typewriter particularly to cut stencils for his mimeograph, that was also called Edison. (A.B. Dick and Edison are said to have been friends.)

The type of the Edison. 
The Edison Mimeograph Typewriter was a clumsy index machine. The user had to rotate the large disk at the bottom of the machine to bring the right type into position. Printing is accomplished by pushing one of the levers at the
left (the other is for spacing) that moves a little hammer that pushes the selected type plunger upwards striking the platen.

The machine was a total failure and soon disappeared off the market. Still, three models were produced with different numbers of characters.

Courtesy of: Costa collection