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National Meter Co , New York , USA
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Here is a fascinating linear index machine, the Crown, that was designed by Byron Brooks, a very productive inventor who was the holder of quite a few typewriter-related patents. The Crown was patented in 1888, but appeared on the market in 1894. It was short-lived and is very rare today.

The mechanism of the Crown is simple, but secure. The typewheel (pic 6) is turned into position as the index pointer slides along the rail. Meanwhile, a small ink roll keeps the brass type wheel wet and printing is done by pushing the entire mechanism down onto the paper.

There were in fact two models of the Crown index typewriter. The earlier has a straight front. The later mode, shown below, had a curved front but was mechanically virtually the same.
(costa collection)

Note the two shift keys for capitals and figures (pic 5) that would push the typewheel up. Byron Brooks was actually the inventor of the shift system, as it originally appeared on the Remington 2. Brooks also built a backstroke keyboard typewriter, aptly called the Brooks Typewriter, that appeared in 1895.

Courtesy of: Casillo collection