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The American Index 2

First year of production:
American Typewriter Company , New York , USA
Serial nr:

The American Typewriter Company of Broadway, New York, produced this interesting Index machine beginning in 1893. It was inteded for the home and small offices.

The index machine consists of a swinging sector, holding a strip of rubber type (this is usually missing, but about 60 percent of it is still present on this particular machine). Two small ink rollers kept the type constantly inked as the index pointer was turned. Printing (or better: stamping) was done when the handle on the left was pushed. The centre handle created a space.

The retail price of this machine was 10 dollars, but it was later lowered to 5 dollars. Two versions of this machine are known. The model 1 features a smaller index shield than this one, the model 2.
The American Index was also produced in Europe and appears as the Globe, Champignon (French for mushroom), Crown and Sterling.

The American Typewriter Company also produced a cheap sheet metal 'visible' typewriter. In 1901 it introduced an upstrike keyboard typewriter.

Courtesy of: Robert collection